Yup. This is definitely the second time we are posting this release.

I just talked to the Salomon rep, and after there were so many emails and calls

about the Pop Yer Bottles showing being 21+... they changed it!

Now it's all ages, and everyone can go. Here's the info, just in case you've


August 22nd, 2005 - Poor Boyz Productions and Salomon are excited to announce

their Oregon Triple Hit Movie Tour for this fall! Along with some truly jaw-dropping

ski films, there will be poster signings by athletes, chances to win great new

gear and accessories, good food and drinks and more! Athlete appearances at

the shows include Mark Abma, Peter Olenick, Sammy Carlson and Andy Mahre. CR

Johnson and Tanner Hall will be at the World Premier of their film, 'Pop Yer

Bottlez', on Sept. 20th in Portland. Please see information below and check

out http://www.poorboyz.com.


Sunday, September 18th- Bend, Oregon WORLD PREMIER!!- War St. Francis Theater-

Doors Open at 8, Showtime 9pm (21+) Tickets available at Skjeraas' shop in Bend-


Monday, September 19th- Hood River, Oregon- War Full Sail Brewing Company-

Showtime 8pm (all ages) Tickets are available at Doug's Sports in Hood River-


Tuesday, September 20th- Portland, Oregon- Double Feature! War and the WORLD

PREMIER of 'Pop Yer Bottlez' Kennedy School Theater- Doors Open at 7:30 Tickets

available at US Outdoor Store in Portland- $4 War- 8:30 (all ages) Pop Yer Bottlez



here to view .pdf