Skiing has finally been included in the Knuckle Huck competition for 2020. Unlike most events at X Games, Knuckle Huck is 100% a jam session of great homies sending off of a knuckle and trying to do the wildest shit they can.

To explain how it was judged:

1 heat of 8 athletes in a 20-minute jam session, with approximately 5 runs per athlete. Riders are ranked 1-8 based on overall impression. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest and it's winner take all.

Featuring Bunch's Peyben & Magnus, fresh off his devastating injury, Torin Yater Wallace, Colby Stevenson, Tom Wallisch (who announced during his runs), Quinn Wolferman, Henrik Harlaut, & Alex Hall. The event seemed like something out of Kimbosessions with all the homies going bananas in each of their respective runs.

Colby Stevenson came away with the W against a stacked field.