So, who's coming to Timberline for the summer season?

Here are a few photos of our freestyle terrain offerings in the month of June:

the pipe (it's money right now!)

The experimental "X" pipe. Lots of tranny in interesting places.

Did you know that Timberline's jumps are some of the most fun anywhere? This one is jump number 7 (as in, seven jumps in a row).

After the 7-line comes the jib tiers which look like this:

donkey rail - round down rail

 flat box - up box

barrel jib (pictured)

flat rail

corrugated tube

flat box

C-rail right

C-rail left


Last but not least come two jumps, a step-down into a step-over, a great combo to round out your park lap.

Also, a new jib line has just been set next to the jump line. So if you

need to get your daily grind on, choose to hit two 30-foot boxes, the

down-flat-down rail, and a 30-foot flatbar rail instead of the jumps.

So we ask again... who's coming to T-Line for the summer season?