The mountains bring us in contact with some weird and amazing people. We ski together, talk about lines or life over a few beers, and live it up. Skiing and the lifestyle doesn't make sense to some people but in our community we get each other. We can be strange, eccentric, probably one track minded, but it's something that bonds us together.

Even when a friend passes on, they may be gone, but we still think about them when we're out on the slopes making turns. It's fucking hard to say goodbye to people. It's maybe even harder to process feelings in these situations. The numb feeling almost like indifference, almost like it doesn't impact you. But it does impact you. Some feelings are too intense to cope with. What do you do when people you're close to aren't here anymore? It's something we all experience in different forms. It's something we all deal with in different ways.

3 people that really stuck out to me were Zack, Dylan, and my roommate Frank that passed today last year.

Frank was one of those people that got after it any time he could. for some of us skiing will be a past time, people change, people move on. For others, skiing will always be a burning passion. That fire to get us out there and making some turns. Most of you understand the stoke and the smile it bring to your face. RIP Jan 11th 2020

Dylan was a bright light that I feel privileged to have share times on the slopes talking about anything and everything, and ripping east coast park laps. RIP May 1st 2016

Zach AKA Dr. tots was a ripper, dude rode hard even if he had been off his board for a while. We only rode and worked together for a season, but plenty of time to get to know that he was an awesome guy. RIP Feb 2017

Unfortunately life is a wild trip. Eventually we will all die. It's simply inevitable. But if you're reading this you're hopefully still around(or I'm haunted by ghosts). Make the most of the time you have. Do things that make you happy, spend your time with good friends, and enjoy yourself when you can.

You will come across many people in your life. Some people you just click with.

There's a million thoughts in my head, but it's all almost clear but still cloudy. It doesn't make any sense but that's life. Some things you just don't get over, don't deal with, don't really ever fully process. I don't mean to share this to sound depressing, all of the people I mentioned fucking lived life. They were vibrant, they love to ski or snowboard, and they got after it. We don't know what the future holds, that doesn't mean to abandon hope or long term goals, but to not get sidetracked from the present.

In the end like usual I don't really know why I'm writing, and posting but I sort of do know. I'm writing like usual as an outlet, I'm posting because life is fleeting, but words like the good people you meet in this life are immortal. To all the friends out there, mine or yours, RIP. Keep the good folks around you close, make sure you let them know how you feel, and never forget about those that touched your life before they passed on.

I've said this before but keep your friends close, keep your ski friends closer. Times are strange, the world is as weird as ever, but don't forget about the good people around you. I wish you all the best this season!