Salt Lake City UT -- Following an age-old tradition, up and coming ski brand Flux Skis plans to continue to ravish the earth’s finite natural resources with no care for the consequences. When asked about it, owner Mike Warren said, “Yeah ski companies have always done it this way. I mean is there really any way to make a good ski without supporting multinational corporate capitalistic supply chains concerned only with profit?”

Based out of Salt Lake City, the company prides itself in being as completely non-sustainable and exploitative of the environment as most other competing ski brands are. Originally the brand had outsourced their labor, but since have moved it back to their SLC based warehouse because of ethical reasons. “You should see where those poor people have to work and live,” said Warren, coughing from the inversion in the valley, “I can’t imagine what lead to that.”

Warren has been excited that the factory has moved back closer to home, as now he can personally oversee the company’s contribution to the ever-increasing number of carbon and microplastic particles in the air. “It feels great just to be a part of such a fantastic community, the ski community, and know that my shortsighted business practices will contribute to its eventual demise as the climate continues to change at an alarmingly exponential rate.”

Flux Skis is also enthusiastic about some new names they will be sponsoring this season.

“These guys are talented individuals that will have big parts in your favorite ski movies this fall. You’ll know it’s them because they’ll be preaching to you about 'nature' between shots of them skiing Alaskan lines filmed from a helicopter.”

Warren hopes to see his small company grow despite its humble beginnings. “It’s not easy being a little guy in this industry when much of the market is owned by the big guys. Hopefully one day Flux Skis will be big enough to be absorbed by one of the bigger companies and continue to be thoughtlessly harmful to the environment, that’s the real dream.”