Whattup everyone!

In 2009 I bought Level 1's "Refresh" on iTunes and watched it every night before bed on my 4th generation iPod nano. It had a Neff sticker on the back, and my playlists consisted predominantly of songs I found in edits. To this day, I have every word of "Hostile Gospel part. 2" by Talib Kweli memorized, and I can see what trick Wallisch is doing as I listen. When Eye Trip came out, I did the same for the next year. Phil's opening segment in the yellow Orage kit, P-White's front flip at Sun Valley, and the layered tall t's had me hooked. I wanted everything to do with the Freeski community.

Long story short, this collaboration means a lot to me. I'm extremely hyped to be presenting this pack to the community, and I hope you're all equally as stoked to see some legends on trading cards!

Release date TBA. Follow Skards on Instagram and check out the website if you haven't already.

A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who's been supporting Skards over the past year and a half, and especially to those who came together to help make this pack happen.

Peace & love,