by Ethan Stone for

EAST COAST-- Did you get left behind picking your daddy's beets while all your friends took off for High North this summer? Now's your chance to get back at them by hitting up Tenney Mountain, New Hampshire on July 26 for the first of this coming winter's Siver Sessions, a round of East Coast jams put on by Siver Cartel, Line, Level, Axis magazine, and Scott.

Mike Nick, Dave Crichton, and Iannick B. will all be present for the event, which should boast a double take-off kicker (30 and 40 ft) and a handful of rails. Not quite up to Whistler's standards, perhaps, but hey- I'm not complaining about skiing in July. With a new snowblowing system called "Snowmagic", Tenney is the first East Coast resort to be able to blow snow during the summer; so if you're anywhere within a thousand miles, make sure to be there. If you don't believe me, take it from Mike Nick: "What else could you possibly want from summer? Snow, kickers, rail, pros, and free gear. Now get your ass off the couch, put your skis on and drive to the first ever of the Siver Sessions."

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