At any given time, the best underground talent in this province is orbiting through the universe of The Acres crew. And the crew, in turn, is ripping down logging roads and up skin tracks in search of new lines, new features, and the shot. Like a lot of other crews coming out of the interior of BC, the Acres is not one fixed unit. The lineup tends to change from one edit to the next as opportunity and timing shuffle the deck of skiers. Their latest episode features Kurt Layton, Vinzenz Keller, Jake Teuton, Jordy Kidner, Brodie Evans, and Tyler MacRae.

I should back track: the Acres property is kind of a legendary spot around here. It’s a piece of land off the highway, overlooking Revelstoke, right at the heart of the scene in this town. The driveway is lined with RV’s and trucks weighed down by sleds, and the yard has been host to many gnarly sessions. There are four living there at the moment, although when I visited, Jordy was the only full-time resident at home. Vinz and Jake had driven me up there to watch the crew’s latest offering, a “whole month of condensed footy,” called Sidepockets.

When it ends, I ask about the process of creating a season of episodes, and they’re all quick to acknowledge the difficulty of putting edits out regularly, and the ease of letting footage sit in folders, going stale while it waits. “I feel like we could make more,” says Vinz. “We’re just trying to get them out there,” and Jake confirms they want to release at least four episodes this season. The third one, they say, is already better than this.

At the kitchen table, Vinz reverts to the topic he can’t shake out of his focus: “tomorrow’s gonna be soo sick.” He’s got the electric appetite that runs in the best young skiers; always pumped, always after it.

“Gonna need a bunch of beers,” they say. “I hope Paddy drinks 6:30 beers -” Paddy’s the kid from down the hall at the Gardens who’s heading out to film for a day with the Acres “- Gotta start some time.” There’s a little case of Tomorrow J’s prepared, seven in all, because when morning comes around there’s no time to waste.

Talk turns to the countless miles of terrain in the area, where the boys would be heading the next day, and they run through a couple last minute verifications:

“You fix your bindings at least?”


I heard, afterwards, that it was as deep as anyone had seen it out there. "All time deep." That bodes well for episode 3, and it makes it that much easier to come through with episode 4. The only way to fight the process is to stay hungry, keep searching, keep skiing.