Well there you have it, last two days I have been sick and everything has been like a blurr. I think I need to eat more fish. Doh!

Good news has come along today, and that helped a lot on my mood. My friends from Fightline sent me a huge package which I recieved today!

I wanted to try out boxing as an alternative training besides trampoline and working out in the gym. Lucky for me, Fightline not only make good nutrition suppliements, they make boxing-gloves as well! Thank you guys!

Not feeling to good ? Absolutely not, but I will be back soon!

Every single time I get sick i’m having a hard time eating. This time I decided that was not not going to happend, and therefore I forced myself to eat this shitload of food for breakfast. Yum !

Also I am very happy today, got to know something that has a great influence to my skiing, clothing. I cannot say much yet, but you will see for yourself soon enough!