March 19, 2009 – Sun Peaks, BC – The state of the shred is alive and well at Sun Peaks with 53 athletes showing up to compete at the Shredidential Election '09 this past Sunday. Competitors came from all over all over British Columbia, and as far away as Toronto, Ontario.

The Grom Category for both ski and snowboard was off the hook with athletes throwing down sevens on the Nancy Jump and stepping fearlessly to the 55' Showtime Jump. The category name might need to be changed to Super Grom for next year's event.

With a first place finish in the Junior Snowboard category at the Shredidential, and a previous first in his cap at The Garden, Stefan Gagnier has got to be stoked on his ability to perform in competition. It was cool to see the athletes in the Junior Ski category working on throwing down technical tricks, while understanding the importance of getting a clean run.  

For the Open Ski and Snowboard Finals, Mother Nature decided to bring a serious blizzard our way. Throwing down solid runs all day, Leeland Paxton weathered the storm, and threw down the best snowboard run of the finals to land him self in first place and take home $500 cash and a GNU Magna Traction Snowboard. The finals for ski was as close as they come with Whistler resident Dane Degrugter taking first and the $500 cash prize by adding just a little more rotation on one of his tricks than Kieran Nikula.

Props to the Oronge Snowboard Shop for backing this event, and their continuous love for the local scene. Thanks to all the event volunteers who helped make this event a reality. A big shout out to Toby, Kieran, and all the park volunteers for building an amazing course for the event. 

Grom Snowboard

1. Liam Stevens, Rossland, BC

2. Cole Avromovic, Kamloops, BC

3. Tucker Monaghan, Kamloops, BC

Grom Ski

1. Jan Glowczynski, Sun Peaks, BC

2. Robert Trivanovic, Rossland, BC

3. Bryce Martmaan, Kamloops, BC

Junior Snowboard

1. Stefan Gagnier, Kamloops, BC

2. Landon Avromovic, Kamloops, BC

3. Connor McComb, Vancouver, BC

Junior Ski

1. Stu Sykes, Sun Peaks, BC

2. Jarred Martin, Kamloops, BC

3. Blade, Sun Peaks, BC

Women's Open Snowboard

1. Marlie Marchewka, Sun Peaks, BC

2. Stefanie Bobinksi, Kamloops, BC

Women's Open Ski

1. Emma Whitman, Kamloops, BC

2. Xenia Rollinson, Whistler, BC

Open Snowboard

1. Leeland Paxton, Kamloops, BC

2. Mitch Yrjola, Kelowna, BC

3. Gordon Emery, Whistler, BC

Open Ski

1. Dane Degrugter, Whistler, BC

2. Kieran Nikula, Heffley Creek, BC

3. Parker Blackstock, Sun Peaks, BC