Shredding is about the feeling you get when pushing your limits and having fun.

Shred Partners with Legendary Film Maker Warren Miller

It’s a deeply personal thing that we experience when we’re in our element, up on the mountain faced with untracked snow, deep blue skies, nothing but the deafening silence of the void and our breath crystalizing in the winter chill.

These are the moments we live for and these are the moments Warren Miller has captured for over 20 years of filmmaking.

It’s because of this synergy, this common understanding of why we do what we do, that Shred Optics has partnered with Warren Miller’s 2011 Film Tour of Like There’s No Tomorrow.

By sponsoring the Film Tour, Shred aligns itself with the message it truly believes is its heart and soul. Engineers, designers, athlete riders and testers all go to work every day and try to make Shred products that have style and technological superiority, but that retain the core Shred philosphy and feeling throughout the creation process.

Warren Miller celebrates this philosophy, these transcendent moments and all the people who live for them.

“Its your annual reminder” says Miller’s website, “that winter is on its way and, with it, months of an adrenaline-fueled dance with gravity and dawns with fresh snow…”

“I’m just so excited to be included in this film” says Ted Ligety who has a prominent spot in the Alaska segment. “I grew up watching Warran Miller films as a grom and they always signaled the official start of the winter snow season.”

From India to Alaska, New Zealand and Chile, Ted and the world’s best skiers on some of the most challenging terrain ever are brought to big screens all over the world, including (see attached schedule):

• 40 towns in the UK;

• Germany;

• Australia & New Zealand;

• 80 towns in the USA;

• 6 stops in Canada.

The team at Shred – from the design and engineering hub in Italy to the North American headquarters in New Hampshire, shredders in the western frontier and scattered on mountain tops everywhere – are stoked to join the Warren Miller family and be a part of the long-standing tradition of awesome filmmaking.

Feel the message in the flick and take it to where you feel it in your heart – on the mountain.

Onward and Upward!