How many days have you spent in the streets with driveway shovels, or in the backcountry with an avalanche shovel slaving over a jump for the perfect hit? DMOS Collective, based out of Jackson, Wyoming was dedicated to engineering the perfect shovel for ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

The shovel compacts for easy mobility, and weighs around 3lbs. From breaking up and shoveling snow, to raking the perfect take off, looks like the Kicker Tool just might be the solution we've all been looking for. The kicker tool has been designed and supported by some of the industry's most promising riders including Travis Rice, Tim Durtschi, Andrew Burns, Blaine Gallivan, Zeppelin Zeerip, Phil Hessler, and Marcus Smith.

Key product features:

• A telescoping shovel shaft provides 56 inches of leverage for quick, powerful shoveling

• The oversized 18 x 9 inch blade efficiently moves large amounts of snow

• The back of the shovel is flat and angled to pack and sculpt snow

• A serrated edge along the bottom lip of the shovel levels unwanted bumps and breaks up crud

• The precision-machined teeth are sharp enough to cut snow but not your pack

The Kicker Tool breaks apart for easy compacting and packing. DMOS Collective photo.

For more information and to purchase your Kicker Tool, visit their Kickstarter page.