Interview by Mike Rogge

Hey Mike, how's it going?

It’s going good. I am in Oregon riding hood and coaching at Windells. Everything has been so sick all summer.

Hornbeck & Henrik. photo: Anna Borgman

How are things at camp?

Camp is real dope. Hood has so much snow; The Windells park is on point! The rails and jump lines are insane.

photo: Anna Borgman

Any campers we should be on the look out for?

There are so many kids that come through and slay. It’s cool to be apart of it and help them out. Plus I try to brainwash them into banging everything they do, haha, just kidding…On a side note Jon Brogan was here last week slaying with one of the best styles I have ever seen. 

Trying to learn any new tricks at camp?

Yeah for sure…It has been going good. I’m getting more and more comfortable on my skis. I have been working on right spinning a bit and just trying to get everything correct; Inrun, air, and outrun. No double flips yet.

photo: Anna Borgman

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

I will be at Windells until mid-August then I will be heading back to Colorado for the fall to work and what not. This is the first summer I have been able to ski so I am taking advantage of it and skiing as much as possible.

How was your first season on the Liberty team?

It was so good! I had the best season ever. Their skis are bomb proof. I didn’t have any problems with them. They are so light it is like your wearing a pair of Jordans. I am super stoked to be apart of that family.

photo: Anna Borgman

Any good stories from this past season you'd like to share with NS?

Not really, plus I don’t really go out much so I don’t have any really funny ones…

photo: Mike Rogge

There was a post made by you a few months ago, dismissing some of the liu kangs done in the Super-Kang-Known comp. Why do you hate liu kangs so much?

Yeah, there were maybe one or two legit liu kangs in those videos. All I saw were a bunch of leg lifting boot grabs. I guess I just don’t find the lui kang as funny as everyone else. Actually, yeah I do hate that grab.

Sticking on the topic of controversy, you were also featured in the now infamous "afterbang" Jiberish video. What are your thoughts on all the love/hate towards the afterbang movement that filled the forums?

I love haters…Turns out I have a lot of fun skiing and that is all that really matters to me.

photo: Mike Rogge

What films can the NS crowd see you in this fall?

Level 1 Productions: TURBO

Full segments?

Full segment in TURBO!!! I’m so stoked I finally have my first full segment in a Level 1 movie. That has always been a dream to me. Check it out for sure.

photo: Mike Rogge

I talked to your former roommate Ahmet [Dadali] yesterday and he said you two won't be living together next season. How are you two going to talk up Tupac without each other?

We will be skiing with eachother everyday. Picture us rollin. haha

What would you like to accomplish next season?

I will most defiantly be filming all season with Level 1. I would also like to do well in a major slopestyle contest, that would be sweet.

Any closing words?

Thanks to my parents and all of my sponsors and everyone who read this. Keep having fun. PZ.

photo: Mike Rogge


video by Jake Strassman