This past Monday I was lucky enough to catch the Phantogram concert at Kilby Court here in SLC, I might have even taken a couple photos. The venue (Kilby Court) might go down as my favorite of all time, it’s a small room with maybe a 100 person capacity max and the environment created between the artist and listener is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I’m not a music blogger so I won’t give a full run down of the show but I must say that Phantogram is one of the better electronic shows I have ever attended. If you have been under a rock and have never heard of Phantogram click here.

A good venue always comes equipped with walls covered in stickers and propaganda from past performances, the “I was here” of the live music industry.
This instrument actually belongs to the opening act, Josiah Wolf.
Josiah Wolf himself, he played guitar and drums, bravo sir.
Then it was time for Phantogram. Adding to the whole experience of a good Indie show you get the interaction of the band setting up their own instruments, no bearded dudes in Skynard t-shirts doing sound checks just the artist being completely involved.

After a quick set up and sound check they started playing and didn’t stop until everyone in the crowd was speechless, I have to say it again, it was amazing (claim).

Shooting a show like this doesn’t get you a media pass to get in-front of the stage barricade or anything special, if you want to be close you show up early and wait which is exactly what I did. Out of frame at my feet are her laptop and Iphone maybe I should have gotten some digits while they were distracted.

The mix of live and electronic instruments was on point.
This shows the size of Kilby front to back, look how interested everyone is, they played music, we listened.

And this is the whole stage.

I took a bunch of different photos but never used a flash I find that to take away all of the environment from the photos and it’s annoying.

Electronic sounds being made.

I recommend you catch a show near you, live music is what’s missing in your life.

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