Okay, so I'm pretty stoked on this beautiful weather even though I can no longer ski.. it means biking, wakeboarding, and chillin out on the dock. Not only that, but it seems like this week, everybody who owns a super nice car is driving it... It's a conspiracy.

Yesterday driving to school in the morning, I look beside me and I'm shocked to see a jet black, 2005 Shelby Cobra.. i was like... dayyyuumm. It was an old man driving too, yugh. Then, later that same day as I was walking to Tim Hortons, i look at the cars parked on the street and WHAM! A red Maserati Gran Sport.. with it's roof down.. parked on the street.. I was thinking Hey Buddy! I'm going to steal your headrest and sell it on e-bay.

Today, driving to school again, and a 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider zooms by.. what the fuck!! What a sexy fucking car... It jsut so happens as I was tellin my buddies this walking between classes, then SAME GUY (who was young and chinese) drives past us.. damn! AND THEN@ along came a cute little 1963 Porsche 911 Targa... I'm a softie for the classics. It was so sexy.

I don't even know how many other expensive Caddies and Beamers I saw too, and regular Porsches.. like.. FUCK! It's friggen inSANE!

Okay. That's about it for now though.. Time to do my work...