Session three at Ohio Dreams kicked off with beautiful weather, and a small group of very dedicated and talented skiers in attendance. After a Sunday evening of fun on Ohio Dreams' gigantic Slip N Fly with all of the other campers, the skiers wasted no time charging the ramps on Monday morning bright and early.

Camper Patrick and guest coach / junior development trainee Jackie Kling get warmed up on the M-Snow

Jackie warming up on the big ramp and getting used to the M-Snow

Day One and Camper Patrick and Jackie are already hitting the big drop in!

Patrick steps in for the smaller ramp

Evening dodgeball was a hit during Session 3!

Jackie contemplating her next trick

Featured camper from last week, Jimmie, loved OD so much that he came back for a second week! Here he is stomping a cork 9 true tail.

Jackie mid back flip

Jimmie learned Kangaroo Flips!

Jimmie all smiles up by the trampoline

Camper Patrick working on flips on the OD fly bed trampoline

Ski coach and junior counselor Freddy B. showing his fellow skiers how it's done

Jackie gets her inline on at the outdoor skatepark

Back to the water ramps, Jackie with another backy

Lifeguard Mark had the most progress of anyone this week, going from front flips on the small ramp, to front flips, back flips, and misty 5's on the big ramp!

Jimmie mid rodeo 7 mute

Jackie doing a rodeo

The new pool platform makes it really easy to get your skis on and off

Freddy putting on his boots

Freddy mid ramp

One thing we get a lot of at Ohio Dreams is dual sport athletes, because we are one of the only camps where you can get instruction in multiple sports in one day. Because winter only lasts half the year in most places, the skiers tend to be especially talented in other sports. Camper Patrick was a great skateboarder and spent all of his down time in the Ohio Dreams skateparks.

Jackie Kling kills it on a skateboard, blades, snowboard, and skis

Seen in his featured camper edit last week, Camper Jimmie throws down on skis and also holds his own in the mountain bike freestyle world and race circuit

Freddy manages to coach, counselor, train for skiing, trampoline, skateboard, inline, scooter, and mountain bike all in the same day...

..all while staying thug!

Jimmie learned double blunt cork 9's earning gangsta points in the last days of his two week session

Ski coach Brendan and camp lifeguard Marky Mark give the campers a last bit of advice before the end of session 3.

Camper Patrick was chosen to be the featured camper and his edit is coming soon, so stay tuned for that! He proved to be quite talented in accents as well, as is shown in his interview.

Ohio Dreams is an action sports camp in Butler, Ohio training kids ages 7 to 17 in freestyle skiing, BMX race, dirt, park, and street, skateboarding, inline, snowboarding, and scootering. Registration is still open for this summer, visit to view more pictures and videos of camp, and sign up for a training session of your own!

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