Lots of action this session, I will let these pictures do the talking, lots of good friends and good vibes going through windells this session.

Campers Varyk and Vince skiing for the letter V
Homemade saga shirt on Ian
Tanner getting some shots for Poor Boyz Reasons With the large jump being session by countless pros all session, me and sean harkins decided to do some hesh jumps on some smaller more creative features, even though Witt Foster managed to unintentionally do one of the largest pole taps I have ever seen off the 80 foot step over, with a 540 banner tap to stomp.
Ski slide human rail thing
ski jump rock thing
Ski Jump Pole tap thing
Colby Albino doing a cab 540 I did have a good session on the jump, Kris Ostness was going to come shoot me and benchetler on the jump, but he got an ear infection and had to leave early, which was a real bummer.
Overshooting the jump quite far
Getting a 540 on over the big jump So i am taking next session off of coaching, but I may do some shredding with my sister Erica later this summer!