Day 5 during Session 2 started off sunny and sick in the Windells park on Mount Hood. Snowboard campers headed to the top of the park to put their waxed boards and turning skills to the test in Bonfire/Salomon’s snake run competition. Above, the start gate with a camper dropping. The Bonfire/Salomon crew awarded prizes for fastest times, as well as most stylish runs, so campers were ripping down the course and throwing tricks on the last bump. Shifties, spins, and frontflips all went down.

After everyone got back to campus and fueled up with some dinner, Bonfire/Salomon put on their sponsor night: a giant tug of war.
Teams went for broke trying to pull the rope to their side.


The losing team was pulled into the kiddie pool!
After tug of war, Will Bateman and Justin from Yobeat held a huge game of rock-paper-scissors. Campers played on teams and won gear from Airblaster and Yobeat.
Product tosses always end activities so everyone has a chance for prizes!