“Blake has a positive mental attitude to the max and he’s an all around good kid. Every year he comes back he’s better than the year before and he’s way better than he should be for his age. Tranny skating; he’s got it, and he’s constantly wowing his coaches,” said Windells Camp Skateboard Director, Jamie Weller.

Blake Swain, 15, from Sacramento, California, has been turning heads on campus all session. He rounded up some pretty impressive shots and clips throughout the session and we figured it was time to have a chat with Mr. Swain for this edition of “Camper of the Day”.

Angela Swain: First of all, we might be related. Second of all, how’s it going?

Blake Swain: Really good! Happy the weather is nice.

When did you start skating?

I wanted to skate when I was three, but my mom wouldn’t buy me a skateboard until I was 10. After that I started doing some competitions here and there. I won a Surf and Skate competition when I was younger. Now I just have fun riding for myself.

So, this is your third summer at Windells. What keeps you coming back?

The campus is awesome, the weather is nicer here than in Sacramento, I think. I always meet new people and have a good time. It’s relaxed and it’s about fun, sometimes other camps are too intense.

What do you do when you’re not skating tranny like a champ in BOB and the Concrete Jungle?

I like photography, I have a couple film cameras. I like music. I listen to a lot of Wutang.

Sounds like the skate campers have taken some awesome trips this session. Which park was your favorite?

Newberg. Everything is huge! My friends at home like to skate plazas but I like to skate tranny and this park was awesome.

Shout Outs: Jamie Weller, Keith Halterman, Griffin Clingman

Sponsors: Surf and Skate, Epic Skate Park, Osiris

Favorite cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats

Favorite counselor of all time: Ben

Favorite TV snow: Workaholics


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