Everybody knows the series "A Walk in the Park". This series is a classic and thats why its the first series to be showcased on the first "Series Sundays"

Tom Wallisch (2012)

The series starts with Tom Wallisch teaming up with Stept Productions to shred Breck's parks. The style and way Tom makes tricks look so easy combined with perfect flow and filming by Stept created an instant classic!


Adam Delorme (2012)

The king of going fast dropped an edit in 2012 that is still amazing to this day! Tony Dryer was able to keep up with Delorme for long enough to create a 2 minute video full of tail taps/drags, butters, beautiful switch cork 7s and more!


Adam Delorme Part 2 (2013)

For this one I'm just gonna quote Jiberish because they introduce the video perfectly: "One does not simply film an edit with Adam Delorme. First he must be tracked down, which is no small task in itself. Then he needs to be followed with a camera at very high speeds for long stretches of time, because he does not like the wait around to setup shots. And most importantly, you have to keep the camera rolling because you never know what you might miss.". Tony Dryer and Kyle Decker took on this task and created Delorme's second walk in the park edit, this time even better than the first!


Jacob Hyllengren and Jakob Lundberg (2014)

This Swedish Duo clearly loves their high speed disasters and transfers but who's complaining? I know I'm not because this edit is fire!


Niklas Eriksson (2014)

Eriksson teams up with 4bi9 to drop heat in Park City during the late season!


Wasatch Range (2016)

The most recent edit from Jiberisish formally introduces Jonah Williams and Spencer Millbocker to the team! Jacob Callaghan kills it on the filming and editing while Jonah, Spencer, Niklass, Chase and Cole rip up the Utah parks!


A Walk In The Park is a classic series that showcases the best talent Jiberish has on their team. I hope you enjoyed these edits as much as I did!

About Series Sundays: Series Sundays are a bunch of articles running from April to September to keep you stoked for skiing! Articles will be released every other Sunday so you will have two weeks to watch the series until the next article drops! Hope you enjoy!