Rocky Mountain Underground is in the last week of voting for the ISPO Brand New Award. We are currently in forth place and are hoping for a podium finish. Like we mentioned before there are several pieces that go into the decision of which companies will be featured at the trade show, but we know that the public vote is well over a third of the vote. If you are interested in voting and have not done so, please go the link below. It takes longer to read this than it does to vote.ISPO is the largest trade show for outdoors retailers in the world. It is held once a year in Germany and has a world wide audience. Winning the brand new award would put RMU literally in the middle of it all. World wide press, exposure, and more marketing than any other event are just a few benefits for the winners. This is the last year that RMU can apply for this award, as applicants have to be within there first three years of business.It is possible to vote from many different locations, ie work, home, iphone, etc. We are an American company with America made products. The European market is very interested in what the ski industry in America is doing. There is no better time for RMU to move internationally then right now. Please help us achieve our goal of making it to the podium in the public voting. that vote NS!!!Thanks Guys and Gals,RMU