Cache Bridges is a name you're going to want to follow in seasons to come if his pond skim skills are anything to go by. The young Alyseka local blew the doors off the resort's 46th annual Slush Cup with this insane send. We can only assume a spot on the Red Bull Pro pond skim squad beckons. credit: Cache Bridges, Sam Kikuchi

The iconic Alaska resort is far better known for pow days than slushy laps but this year's Slush Cup was clearly one for the books. Although to be fair, Alaska is known for throwing up the occasional pond skim mind melter... Logan Imlach anyone?

Unfortunately, Alyeska itself closes for the season tomorrow despite having advertised weekend opening through May, prompting outcry amongst locals that can be seen with every social post they drop at the moment. Alyeska is currently reporting a season total of 600+ inches and a snow depth of 110 inches at the top of GX, so you can see why their customers aren't best pleased about the closure.

Bridges, of course, won the event, and it's pretty easy to see why. Unfortunately if he wants to pond skim more this season, he's going to have to hike for it.