The other day, Congress struck down a bill that would make it a requirement for states that had Concealed Handgun License programs to grant reciprocity to out-of-state citizens with out-of-state CHL's. Basically, it would have meant that if you had a CHL from Colorado, for instance, you would have instantly been granted the right to carry a concealed handgun in 47 other states. The motion wasn't defeated handily, and only came 2 votes short of a 2/3 majority, so it's not really a huge step in any direction for gun rights activists, but it does perhaps set some precedent for the seemingly-eventual arguing of the Chicago Gun Ban case in front of the US Supreme Court. That should be coming up in the next year or so, and it could be a huuuuuuge deal.Meanwhile, this law doesn't mandate reciprocity between states with CHL laws, but I don't believe it strikes down any reciprocity that previously existed. In other words, people with a Texas CHL are still permitted reciprocity in 30-something states that have individual agreements with Texas. The bill, if passed, would simply have forced states like Washington, who don't recognize Texas CHL's because their military exemption makes it possible for people under-21 to get one, to grant Texan CHL-holders's an article about it, if you please: