Manufacturer's Description:

The Tater Tot is our one-ski quiver for those who want to make the whole mountain a playground. Designed by our very own “Professional Amateur Athlete,” and 100% professional ski builder, Tait Trautman, the Tots are fully symmetrical, and will bring a major dose of balance and Feng-Shui to your skiing. With a tapered tip and tail and smooth transition zones, they are super reliable edge to edge and will never hook, snag, or otherwise unpleasantly surprise you. Our “Butter Platforms” in the tip and tail make Tait’s Tots fun to flex and smear, but they also have a stout camber for when you really want to lean into them. Whether you want join in on the party and get creative on the hill, or are looking for a stable and consistent easy-turning ski, the Tater Tot is the well-balanced ski for you.

Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187 CM

Dimensions: 130 / 108 / 130 MM

Radius: 19.5 M