I think the older you get the more competitive a pinewood derby becomes. The best part about the Little Cottonwood Canyon Derby is that it was 90% adults,  Austin and I being no exception. Everyone had fine tuned mobiles with not an amateur in sight only the pros at this derby. Tim Durtschi actually built the car I used and it was apparent after one track test it just wasn’t the day for the “Durtschi mobile”, Austin’s car “the 88″ put down some decent times but nothing compared to most, i’m talking PRO’S. They key is graphite and plenty of it, you want that car to skate down the track, maybe next year.

At first I thought these were for the kids (for effort) but after a quick look around the room it was clear there would be blood for these trophies (competitive).
The weigh in table, no more than 5 oz’s.

“Death Mobile” and its driver.

PBP filmer Tyler Hamlet says hi and Austin shows his derby ready hot-rod.

This is how serious.

Then came my time to race “The Durtschi Mobile” (far left), don’t be fooled the block of wood was quite the sleeper pick.

Veggies first, the carrot won by a landslide and I came in dead last. Being beat by a block of wood, who you watched being assembeled just minutes before is a tough one to swallow. I had to use this picture to prove to Tim his car actually raced.

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