Hey everyone!

As mentioned, we've been tracking performance of people within our system, and I'm once again extremely happy to announce that we're adding a few more people to our monetization program.

You'll note that the Journalists got more of a boost than the other programs, which is simply due to the growth we're seeing. Its a balance on the backend for us to make sure we both help these programs grow and ensure that we have the freedom for our top performers to fully realize the opportunity they have here.

Without further ado, congrats goes out to:











To anyone looking to get involved in the future, the amount of Karma you gain throughout the season mixed with our program head's input is how you get there. The people on the list above have all done a great job producing content since we chose the initial team back at the start of November.

We are as of yet unsure if more spots will open this season, but next season will be chosen by the same Karma metrics. So if you like making content and want to get involved - your actions will be noticed.

That's it for now, very much excited to have new program members, and looking out for loads more awesome content as the season progresses.