So why not, Winter is coming and I just posted the other recent ad for Scott USA of Justin Dorey.  Here’s the first Scott ad of mine from this season of Tim Russell.  I was kind of on a theme of shooting what I’d like to call “backcounty urban” this season.  While it’s completely an oxymoron it’s one of the only ways I can think of to describe a lot of what I shot this past ski season that was really successful for me.  It was urban-type features, but out in the middle of nowhere in the backcountry, usually snowmobile accessed.  Most of these shots required a ton of work to get all the lighting equipment out there and for me to get out since I’m not exactly a sledneck!

This shot of Tim Russell was out on this shack that I shot on previously the season before but came back to it with a different approach.  I’m pumped with how it turned out in print, especially since it was a crop of just a 6 megapixel shot.