By press release

DNA is pleased to announce that Scott Hibbert has joined the team. DNA team manager, Trey Harris, has been a longtime fan of Hibbert “That kid’s got balls the size of Bentleys.�

Said Hibbert, “I’m back, saggin’ crack, and I ain’t takin’ no friggin’ flack... but unreservedly delighted to be on with power packed team DNA.�

In other broken-body news, Andy Woods missed the DNA photo shoot in Park City due to a broken pinky toe he suffered in a fierce game of basketball for “Team DNA� (undefeated thus far) on the down-and-dirty courts of Vermont. Said Woods, “I never actually realized how much you need your feet...but, my So Com Navy Seal and NBA Live 2004 skills are getting ridiculous.� Woods is expected to make a full recovery and be back on skis within the month.

In X Games news, Dave Crichton, Jon Reedy and Scott Hibbert are all pre-qualified for the Superpipe event, and of course, DNA team member, Aleisha Cline (2002 ESPN Athlete of the Year Nominee and winner of the 2002 X Games Female Skier of the Year and Best Overall Athlete awards) is pre-qualified for the Skier X event. These and other DNA team members will be in Aspen loaded with thongs (not their own...) and other stuff that’s yours for the asking - don’t be shy – they won’t bite.