All photos: Jesper Grønnemark

The Scandinavian Team Battle at CopenHill once again rocked Copenhagen, Denmark, delivering an unforgettable experience. The Hill, which towers over Copenhagen (you can just about see the hill from across the sea in Sweden) is a special place to have an event. Easy access for crowds and beautiful sunshine were a highlight in a city that regularly plays host to huge events from music to skateboarding.

This year's third edition of the mind-blowing dry-slope ski competition surpassed all expectations. Boasting an impressive lineup of talented and diverse skiers, along with an enthusiastic crowd of fans, the event featured a slopestyle-esque course on the grass and carpet with bigger features than ever before, propelling dry-slope skiing to new heights.

Gang: Felix Klein, Chris McCormick, Jakob Ebskamp, Christian Moser, Isabelle Tvede, Nico Bolinger, Emil Granbom, Jesper Tjader, Johan Berg, Robert Ruud

While the competition format remained true to the original, with teams of five representing different countries skiing in pairs, the teams' creative approaches to impressing the crowd and judges were nothing short of awe-inspiring. From perfectly synchronized runs to offbeat and loose but lit maneuvers such as tapping teammates' heads, sliding their skis, mid-air pole catches, the level of creativity knew no bounds. At one point, Jesper Tjäder even performed a man-ramp move (similar to skateboarding) by covering himself in a thin sheet of dry-slope plastic, allowing his teammate Emil Granbom to use him as a ramp onto the flat tube.

In addition to the unconventional team skiing, the competition witnessed some mind-blowing individual tricks, including flips on and off rails, 450's and 630's, and a display of technical rail skiing. Team Denmark, with their home-court advantage, shredded. Isabella Tvede, the sole female competitor, conquered the rails with authority, while Jakob Ebskamp stomped the gap to the down-tube switch, the only one to do so in the competition. Team UK also made waves with Chris McCormick and Felix Klein flawlessly executing back-to-back blind 630's out of the big cannon.

Team Switzerland secured third place, with Nicola Bolinger impressing the judges by skiing faster than ever seen at CopenHill and often opting to jump over full features due to his incredible speed. Meanwhile, his teammate Christian Moser displayed his unmatched technicality in swapping maneuvers. Team Norway clinched second place, showcasing their skills throughout the day. First-time dry-slope skier Robert Ruud left a lasting impression with his technical rail abilities and a massive misty out of the cannon tube. Fellow Norwegian Johan Berg effortlessly flowed through the course and nailed the sickest cork 450 out of the cannon tube. Once again, the dynamic Swedish duo of Emil Granbom and Jesper Tjäder stole the show, securing their third consecutive victory in the Scandinavian Team Battle. Their incredible repertoire of tricks was too extensive to name but with those two on a team, you know there are going to be fireworks.

The event witnessed what could possibly be the heaviest slam ever on a dry slope, involving Team Denmark. The skiers held up a tube, creating a new and riskier feature on the course. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario unfolded for Jakob Ebskamp, who managed to catch his tip inside the tube, and Isabella Tvede who was following close behind (we're sure you've seen it on the gram by now, also, see cover photo). Thankfully, both skiers emerged unscathed and were able to continue competing for the remainder of the event.

The crowd couldn't resist Nico Bolinger's BOOST

Reflecting on the event, Jakob Ebskamp, the event organizer and member of Team Denmark, expressed his excitement, stating, "I couldn't be more hyped about how things went this year. All the skiers killed it, and I believe this was definitely the best event so far. Next year, it'll be even bigger, and I hope it attracts even more members of the international ski community to join this insane event."

Beyond the competition, the skiers enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Copenhagen, soaking up everything the city has to offer. Their activities included boat rides, bungee jumping, skateboarding, swimming, wakeboarding, a live concert, and an epic afterparty on the rooftop of CopenHill.

The event will return next year, so keep an eye out for the dates and information. Seriously, you don't have anything better to do in summer. In the meantime, check out the insane recap video from this year's Scandinavian Team Battle.



TEAM SWEDEN: Jesper Tjäder & Emil Granbom

TEAM NORWAY: Johan Berg & Robert Ruud

TEAM DENMARK: Jakob Ebskamp & Isabella Tvede

TEAM UK: Chris McCormick & Felix Klein

TEAM SWITZERLAND: Nicola Bolinger & Christian Moser

The event is sponsored by Red Bull, Neveplast, One Open Sky, Sunweb, Sprite, Rudolph Care, Messy Weekend, and Copenhagen Cable Park.