It's that time of the year again. When all resorts are closed and the only option for skiing is the glacier, then it's time for some indoor skiing if you really want to stay on your level or improve your skiing.

The Snow Dome Bispingen is located in Germany near Hamburg and they will built the biggest indoor setup worldwide this summer.

The opening weekend will be from the 2nd to 5th of June (there's a holiday that monday in Germany). The annual summer camp called "Summer Feast" will be held from 31st of July to 6th of August.

A 3-month ticket will cost 129 Euros and there will be a official camping spot right in front of the Snow Dome. Price for this is not set yet but it will be super cheap too.

Make sure to follow the official Facebook Page for more recent news.

Here are some videos from last year if you're not familiar with what's going on at the Snowpark Bispingen. Stay tuned for more content. I still have a lot of unused shots form last year on my hard drive.