Sammy's done it again folks. In conjunction with TGR for his latest movie, The Sammy C Project, he set his sights on using the Western Hemisphere's largest ski jump (364-foot vertical drop, 35-degree run, and one hell of a run out) to do what has never been done on it before.

Usually reserved for sending straight airs as far as possible, which the current record is 518ft by Werner Schuster, Sammy brought his "tricks to the backcountry, YEAH", err, ski jump. Still, the 24 story jump located in Ironwood, Michigan hasn't seen action in over 20 years so I suppose we can deem this as backcountry.

Anyways, Sammy showed he has the cajones the size of Alaska by dropping in switch to this behemoth and stomping one of the smoothest switch 5s I have laid eyes upon. Steve Jones, co-founder of TGR had this to say regarding the magnitude of this jump. "The jump is truly enormous. Hitting a gap this big in general takes significant confidence and skill, not to mention spinning from its lip or dropping in switch. Sammy is unbeatable when it comes to skiing like this." Sammy truly is on top of his game right now.

Source: TGR