7-time X Games medalist and back to back to back Real Ski Champion, Sammy Carlson is one of the best freestyle backcountry riders in the world right now, hands down. If you have been keeping up with Carlson, you would know that he has been killing it the past decade both in the park and the BC with TGR, Poor Boyz, and his homie Drew Lederer. These are some of my favorite edits and shots from his distinguished career so far.

2015 X-Games Real Ski Segment

One of his greatest segments in my opinion, this jib filled backcountry segment is absolutely mental. Sammy is approaching Candide Thovex levels of BC mastery.


Hood Aftermath

Not only does Sammy kill it in the backcountry, he can take his tricks to any park and throw down. With homie Drew Lederer behind the lens, the two dropped this heater after the summer camp lifts stopped spinning.


Spring Fever

Springtime laps are always a fucking blast and Sammy Carlson knows that better than anyone else. You can take jumps to Gucci and the halfpipes are extra slushy for unlimited double overhead.


Teton Gravity Research's Light the Wick Segment

Easily one of the raddest movie segments from 2010, Sammy makes it look all too easy sending huge dub 10s and tree taps. He even took home the "Best Freestyler" award at iF3 that year.


Switch Triple 12 at Windells

Ahead of the game per usual, Sammy Carlson dropping a steezy AF switch triple on the money booter at Windells in 2010. The double before it isn't too bad either.


As with any skier, there are too many videos to pick from and narrow them down to a definitive list. If you want to watch more of Sammy Carlson killing the game, go here.