The GOAT of freeskiing is a frequently debated topic on Newschoolers. Two names usually spring to the fore when such conversations get started, but if there's a sleeper contender, then it's probably Sammy Carlson. He's hit the comp scene hard, banged out video projects for 15+ years, put out some of skiing's most impressive solo projects and continues to ski at the very highest level to this day as he moves to ever bigger terrain.

Sammy went bananas again last winter for his latest movie, OVER TIME and the news has just broken that he joined the Full Tilt Boots squad. This move is a big one for Sammy who has been shopping around for a while trying to find a boot that will withstand the insanity that he puts his gear through. And he has finally settled on Full Tilt.

"These are the only ski boots I haven't broken!" 📸 CK9 Studio


Full Tilt's welcome page for Sammy is unequivocal: "Our tradition of partnering with the best in the world continues. Sammy Carlson, one of the world’s most well-rounded skiers now rides Full Tilt. From backcountry pillows to massive booters Sammy C brings his energy to every aspect of the mountain."


Full press release:

Full Tilt Boots Signs Sammy Carlson as Newest Ski Athlete and Product Innovator

SEATTLE, WA, USA (November 13, 2019) – Full Tilt Boots, creators of the world’s finest 3-piece ski boots, is proud to announce that freesking legend Sammy Carlson has joined the team as an athlete, ambassador, and co-conspirator for future ski boot innovations.

“Since moving to Revelstoke and completely focusing on backcountry skiing, I have been looking for the perfect boot,” said Sammy Carlson. “I’ve tried them all, and none compare to the Full Tilt Ascendant. It’s the best walk mode boot on the market, and I’m proud to put my name on it."

Named “Skier of the Year” by Powder and Freeskier Magazine, Carlson is a eight-time X-Games medalist with an unapparelled career created though his unique style and industry-firsts, which he is now translating into the world of big mountain and backcountry skiing. “Sammy is bringing even more energy to the stacked Full Tilt team – it’s super gratifying to collaborate with him on wherever his skiing takes him,” said Josh Malczyk, Global Brand

Director at Full Tilt Boots. “Our boot fits perfectly with his skiing style.”

As the foremost authority on the highest level of the sport, it comes as no surprise that Carlson is drawn to Full Tilt. The recent release of the Full Tilt Ascendant free-touring boot was the icing on the cake that helped convert Carlson to the team, as the boot answers the call for a lightweight, tech-compatible ski boot that won't sacrifice downhill performance or comfort. The Ascendant enables Carlson to stay inspired and ready to charge both uphill and down.

Used by everyday skiers to X Games and Olympic champions world-wide for nearly 40 years, Full Tilt specializes in making the most comfortable, high-performing boots whose unique biometric 3-piece technology was developed by NASA engineers. Sammy Carlson joins Full Tilt’s team of skiers not only because he knows what’s good for him, but because he willingly attests that Full Tilt ski boots are the best in the game."


Check out the new Ascendant's that Sammy will be riding and trust us when we say you'll want to stay up-to-date on what Sammy & Full Tilt are cooking up for next season...