It was a pretty hectic weekend for everyone competing in the Sammy Carlson Invitational and the amount of talent on show was intense. Not only did we have the regulars involved but we had a nice appearance in Tanner Hall as he made his comeback to competition skiing! Here’s the top 5:

1. Torin Yater-Wallace

2. Bobby Brown

3. Parker White

4. Tanner Hall

5. Henrik Harlaut

Best Rodeo: Clayton Villa

Best Wallride: Dane Tudor

Best Style: Phil Casabon

Once I get my hands on the official highlights I’ll post them up but for now you’ll just have to put up with some trick edits with Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon.

Phil Casabon – Nollie Wallride

Tanner Hall – Dub Backflip

Henrik Harlaut – Nosebutter Dub 10

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