Sam Hulbert Dominates the $25,000 Cholula Triple Air Show  Wrightwood, CA – February 25, 2008:  The $25,000 Cholula Triple Air Show and Monster Boarder Babes returned to Mountain High this Saturday.  Sam Hulbert took home first place and $10,000 for his performance in the Open Men’s division and an additional $1,500 for a switch back 9 that landed him best trick.  Other notable finishers were Brandon Reis, Mac Spedale, Nick Sibayan, and Greg Bokenkamp who rounded out the top 5.  In the Monster Energy Open Women’s division Mary Sallah walked away with $2,500 just edging out Nicki Slechta and Laurie Currier.  With a pending storm on the horizon, the weather could have been the big story, but clear skies held out until late afternoon and the event was a huge success. Says John McColly, Director of Marketing, “There was a huge question mark over this year’s event.  With storms on both sides, it was any ones guess as to what the weather would be like.  But the competitors who showed up, especially the ones traveling from the East Coast, made out like bandits and the comp couldn’t have gone off better.” The Cholula Triple Air Show is a modified big air contest.  The Faultline Terrain Crue set up 3 enormous jumps that proved to be more technical than expected.  Justin Montoya and Brian Boyle spent countless hours dialing in the Triple Line to near perfection.  Jump layout and construction were such that a rider needed to land perfectly and then point it downhill to sufficiently clear all three features.  The first jump, dubbed the “Baby Back Booter”, managed to be the ultimate set up jump.  If not executed properly, the second jump named “Bradley Farnsworth’s Knuckle Sandwich” would surely live up to its name.  The final feature, known as “The Buckler”, tested rider skill and was by far the most exciting feature to watch.  Participants took 2 runs and riders were judged on their overall performance in a best of 2 format.    After the event, everyone headed over to the main stage at Mountain High’s West Resort.  A procession of security guards ushered in the jugs of money and competitors were called up to receive their check, a Cholula Trophy Bottle, and a nice plaque commemorating their win.Once the competitors left the stage, Mountain High extended their gratitude to Cholula Hot Sauce, Monster Energy, and Powder and Sun for playing such a huge roll in the success of the event.  Finally a huge raffle broke out, tons of prizes were dispersed, and then everyone moved to the Bullwheel Bar & Grill for the After Party produced by Results:Open Woman:1. Mary Sallah                   $2,5002. Nicki Sechta                   8003. Laurie Currier                 6004. Bethany Lamrecht           5005. Jamie Madrid                4006. Nirvana Ortanez             200 Open Mens:1. Sam Hulbert                 $10,0002. Brandon Reis                 30003. Mac Spedale                 15004. Nick Sibayan                  10005. Greg Bokenkamp            5256. Matts Kuli                      5007. Zach Stone                    3008. Forest Schmidt              2759. Alex Dawoud                  25010. Kyle Lopiccolo               22511. Ian Thorley                 17512. Jared Dawoud               16013. Randy Marino              15014. Cody Rosenthel            15015. Austin Granger             15016. Joe Eddy                               150 Best Trick:  Sam Hulbert              Switch Back 900      $1,500 Mountain High would like to again thank Cholula Hot Sauce, Powder and Sun, Monster Energy Drink, Wahoo’s, Kern’s Nectar, Toyota, and the USASA, without which this event would not happen.  For more information, please contact Chuck Allen at (760) 316-7831 or