Salomon International Signs Big Mountain Athlete, Henrik Windstedt

Salomon announced today the addition of Henrik Windstedt to their International Freeski Team. The 26-year-old Swedish, big mountain rider and 2008 World Freeride Champion joins Salomon’s already impressive Freeski roster. His new teammates include: Mark Abma, Kaj Zackrisson, Mike Douglas, Dane Tudor, Sammy Carlson, Cody Townsend, Elyse Saugstad, Chris Rubens, AJ Kemppainen Charles Gagnier, Kaya Turski, Bobby Brown, Alexis Godbout, Henrik Harlaut, and Simon Dumont.

“Salomon’s philosophy is to contribute to the evolution of our sports and Henrik has the athletic skills, creative mindset, strong work-ethic and focused passion to help us be successful,” explains Bruno Bertrand, International Sports Marketing Manager. “He’s a great fit for us on many levels.”

“Salomon is the only choice for me. Salomon is so deeply rooted in supporting the sport on so many levels, from athletes and products, but also films, events, and the community as a whole,” remarks Henrik. “Freeskiing is all about progression, things are changing super quickly, and working with Salomon’s team will help me develop my skills so together we can continue to evolve the sport.”

Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon has a long history of product innovation and collaboration with athletes in the Freeski world, often resulting in creating icons within the sport, both in product and athletes. Examples of this includes the first high-performance twin-tip ski (the 1080), the first fat twin-tip ski (the Pocket Rocket), the first Freeski dedicated ski boots (the SPK and Ghost), patented in-mold Rocker reverse-cambered ski designs and the list is nearly as long as the sport.

“Our products and athletes have always been pivotal in re-defining what is possible on skis. It is why athletes want to work with us, and why we want to work with them. It is our shared passion for innovation and progression which brings us together and keeps us motivated to keep trying new things,” continues Bertrand.