Salomon Official Press Release:

During the past three years with the Salomon Pro Team, Candide has made his mark in the history of Freestyle with great international success.

Working with Salomon allowed Candide to access better equipment in order to experience all his talent on the ski runs of the world. His greatest moment without a doubt remains the Half Pipe Title at the 2003 X-Games. He proved himself to be the most innovative rider for performing tricks such as his last trick Cork 810° to rail. The creation of the Candide Pro Model is the fruit of this collaboration.

A true partner, Salomon has followed Candide in all his projects to allow him to express his creativity whether it be for his last three movies (Rastafaride 2 / French Toast / Special Delivery) or for the “Candide Thovex Invitational�, an event in his hometown of La Clusaz.

Even with their will to follow Candide in his future projects, Salomon decided not to overbid the offer made by one of their competitors. Salomon does not want to endanger their team and more specifically their commitment to the young talent by directing a great sum of money for one rider.

Salomon hopes that Candide will be as successful in the future as in the past three years with Salomon.

Since the beginning of the development of this discipline, Salomon has always pushed for the best riders and brought out new talent. Salomon counts on the exceptional quality of their riders to remain the driving force of the discipline. The strength of their team rests on legends like Mike Douglas, CR Johnson, as well as revelations from last season like Simon Dumont, Peter Olenick and Shoya Okazaki.

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