I am having a great season... it must be the Salomon skis.

A few weeks ago I competed at the US Open. I had a good experience and although I did not get the results I wanted, I did have my picture up on the front page of Newschoolers.com for over a week.

Last night I returned from the Winter Park NorAm where I had much 

better results. I finished in 3rd

Place at the Winter Park NorAm. 

This gave me enough points to win the over-all NorAm championship. It 

felt great because, this was only my second year of Half Pipe comps 

and my first year of NorAm eligibility.

I have a couple of weeks off now and some time to get ready for the 

final events of the season. I will travel to Ontario for the Triple 

Crown Challenge, then back to Calgary

for the Jr & Sr Nationals and 

to finish the season I travel to Whistler for the World Ski 


All the best

Noah Bowman