As some of you may have noticed in your email today, you have been given a password to the Saga Pop Up Online Store along with a link to the actual store. This new project is our way of connecting and creating an experience for all the core people that have raised and continue to be involved with Saga. Before I get into what the Pop Up is all about I must say the team of people behind Saga (my co-workers) are some of the most talented and creative young people out there right now. Never satisfied with the current, always pushing themselves and the brand into the new horizons of an evolving world. Yea, I’m bragging about my co-workers, you would too. The Saga Pop Up online store is our next concept. An outlet to give back, create an experience and a way to connect with everyone around the world equally. The rules of the store are never the same, sometimes password protected and sometimes completely open. Sometimes it will be a whole collection available before it hits the Saga Online Store, other times a limited product (cough, camo tee), there are many ways we will be using this new platform. We promise it won’t be like anything you have ever experienced online (flash mob shit), today is just the start, day 1. In the mean time we hope you enjoy our first project for #SagaPopUp. Customer loyalty 30% off The Winter 12′ Suppliers Collection before it drops Sunday on the Saga Online Store.