Saga Outerwear is proud to announce its entrance into the ski industry by introducing a limited quantity of the team edition Anomie jacket and pant.  We are a rider driven company, with 100 percent of our design input coming directly from our team of skiers.  The Anomie is a pre-release line of outerwear, one example of the different styles and lines to come next season.  Because the Anomie line was originally intended for our team only, there are only two sizing options, but because we liked their design ideas so much, we made a handful of extras so a few skiers could be in the exact outerwear our team will be wearing.  Other lines of outerwear to be released in the future will have more sizing options.  Directly from out team’s input, all Saga Outerwear is cut longer and looser than most other companies, because no one likes snow in their sleeves.To be able to make a suit designed solely by riders, we have put together a solid team of skiers to help us out.  Wiley and Jeremy Miller, Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, and Colin Wright have and will continue to represent Saga all over the world next year.  To see more of our team in action over this past winter, check out the up and coming releases from Rage Films (Corduroy), Theory-3 Media (Photoplay), and OFS Media (Witness) dropping this fall. http://www.ragefilms.comwww.theory-3.comwww.ofsmedia.comThe limited-edition Anomie is made of a fully waterproof/breathable lightweight, yet durable fabric that has been tested in toughest conditions by our team.  Whether it is the back woods of Montana, or the wet snow in Oregon, or the terrain parks in Park City, the Anomie has seen it all.  Quantities are extremely limited, as we are offering sales of 20 suits total,  and this version of the Anomie suit will not be produced again, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on the exact gear that the team will be using.  Also because this is a pre-release suit, we have dropped the price from $510 (USD) all the way to $375 (USD) for the whole suit, that’s right, $375 for a jacket and pants, plus free shipping domestic shipping (U.S. only).  Unfortunately, because of the limited quantities, we can only sell them together as a full suit, no mixing and matching.    Below are a few images of the available suits, for more information on sizing or purchasing see the Saga Outerwear website at