Our midnight snowmaking shift arrived at 12am this morning and began to watch the mercury drop....slowly at first and then in a short span rapidly into the snowmaking zone. By 4am the guns were running and snow was being made on Bunny Blvd. and the Bowl.A few people commented to me today about water running out of the piles of snow in front of the guns. With the temperature reaching -3*c and creeping up this is very natural....simply put, these guns where working at their limit, it's a fine line between snow and water at this point and what water did not convert to snow was draining from the pile.If the forecast is correct, it will be too mild by midnight to continue running the system and snowmaking will be shut down again until Friday. The 14 day trend is forecasting snowmaking weather again next Friday for another sustained period of time which will help bump us towards more open terrain soon after.We had a strong start to our 7 week lesson program this weekend, lots of new faces excited and ready to learn new skills and have fun. Our Public School programs start this week and we welcome all of the students back to the slopes for another season with us!If you didn't make it out to the hill today...here's a few shots to show you what you missed;Nicole enjoyed the sun and fresh air.

Karl and James looked good on the slopes (equal, no one better looking than the other)...
...but  nothing looks better than white runs, bright sun, and snowmaking in progress.?
 Ron was excited to be here today,
and so were Gord, Talon, Roberta and Eric
We began our regular season operational hours this week meaning we will be closed Monday, reopening Tuesday morning at 9am for both day and night skiing.It was another day in Paradise,Cheers,Mark