Cover photo courtesy of Melissa Riitano

If you haven’t heard about the SPY Happy to Squash the Beef Goggle Demo Tour yet, then you’re missing out. Now halfway through the tour, SPY riders, both skiers and snowboarders, have been visiting resorts across the West in attempts to show the snow sports community that it’s time to squash the beef! Despite most resorts now accommodating the two, there are a few still holding the age-old grudge. The tour hopes to prove that many riders these days not only have a mutual respect for one another, but actually choose to ride together as well.

Ahmet literally Squashing the Beef

Skiers joining the SPY crew on tour have already included the likes of Ahmet Dadali (who by the way has a snowboarder girlfriend, clearly squashed the beef years ago), Steve Stepp, John Kutcher, Pat Goodnough, and more! And that’s just the beginning, whilst skiing alongside some of your favorite pros, you can demo a pair of the latest SPY Happy Lens goggles, win free gear, and chow down on some beefy burgers. You might even get to witness one of these guys try their luck at becoming a one-planker.

Recap of the Snowbird stop

There is no doubting that freeskiing has been influenced by snowboarding over the years, it’s only a matter of time before the wider ski community understands the benefits of coexistence on the mountain. Often times events like these start in the park and end in the park, which is why we were hyped to see the Snowbird stop on the tour. The more big mountain oriented resorts can at times seem years behind the park saturated areas, so kudos to Snowbird for providing the terrain and the riders for slashing it. It looks like tours which get the common skier involved are really on the rise lately, and we’re not complaining.

Want in on the action? Don't fret, there's still 4 stops remaining!

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