Sport Psychology Institute Northwest is working on a program with the student athlete skiers and snowboarders of Windells Academy in Mount Hood, Oregon. Trainers of SPINW are utilizing The Sports Mindset Gameplan, a recently published book by SPINW Director Brian Baxter.

The book uses a combination of instruction, questions, and goal setting in an interactive workbook format, and is designed to be used in conjunction with technical, tactical, and physical training. Going through the workbook will personalize the sport psychology techniques to each athlete as they pertain to skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing. This will help to build their confidence step by step, and maintain it in the long term, as they train and compete.

Sport Psychology Institute NW trainer Jimmy Yoo is also working with both students and coaches on its Competitive Skills Training for Athletes Program (CST). CST is a conditioning of the mind to become mentally tuned and is designed to enhance overall performance. Training includes working on confidence building by teaching visualization techniques, focus and self-talk, breathing techniques, goal setting and time management.

Yoo works with athletes in various stages of competition and those individuals
transitioning in and out of the sport, such as athletes recovering from injury and planning to return to competition.

SPINw is the premier provider of mental game training in Portland and the Northwest. Founded in 1999, SPINw has served athletes, teams, clubs, coaches, and parents of all sports and skill levels for over a decade. Its team of consultants is comprised of accomplished competitive athletes with specialized mental game training, committed to passing on their experience to you through one-on-one coaching, group and team seminars, and online education.