SMS is gearing up for their 12th summer of ski camps in Whistler, Canada. With more than 20 feet of snow on the Horstman glacier they'll be able to build the best features to date. On the Freeride side, a new C-box, Wallride, and 20ft steel rail are currently under construction and will be added to the current SMS jibs which include a rainbow rail, drop kink, and several straight rail variations.

Look for veteran SMS coaches Mike Douglas, Sarah Burke, Iannick B, Andrea Bertchold, Smiley Nesbitt to be at camp all summer. They will be joined by Philou Poirier, Vincent Dorion, Boyd Easely, Chris Hernandez, Jay Vaughan, Trennon Paynter, and other guest pros.

A few spots are still available in 1st and 4th sessions, so book now before they're gone.

On the Moguls side, SMS owns the widest, steepest, and best kept lines of any camp. Now that off-axis tricks have finally been accepted in the bumps, SMS with its mix of freeride and mogul programs is in the best position to lead the new wave in the sport.

Their coaching crew, headed up by John Smart, includes Toby Dawson, Scott Bellavance, Shelly Robertson, Ryan Johnson, Warren Tanner, Mike Atkinson, Jim Schiman, Sean Smith, Craig Rodman and again combo coaches Jay Vaughan and Trennon Paynter.