Tom Wallisch's long awaited SLVSH Instabanger dropped earlier today and there's now been 8 Instabanger edits. There were also 8 SLVSH Cup Competitors. In honour of that arbitrarily selected coincidence, we've decided to find the best instabanger... banger thus far. An Instabanger Cup if you will. And the 'competitors' are:

Tom Wallisch - 270 Backslide to Switch @5:27 - This is such an awkward trick, but in true TWall fashion, he managed to make it look alright too.

Vinnie Ca$h - Switch Rodeo 5 Pretzel 180 @ 03:31 - C'est impossible non?! The Switch rodeo 3 to late continuing one by mistake just before it is tasty too!

Ross Imburgia - Switch Backflip 'Tranny' Find @02:16 - What tranny? Big ol' switch backie to flat though.

Maximillian Smith - Lazyboy 270 On @04.40 - Because I always wanted to try one of these, never quite had the balls.

Jossi Wells - Zero Spin @00:54 - Every best trick contest should contain a zero spin.

Joona Kangas - Backslide Cork 270 @ 01:57 - Simply a thing of beauty

Antti Olila - Switch Backie Truck to Wallie270 on to switch @2.30 - The casual wallie 270 on having landed the called trick makes this.

Will Wesson - Fastslide Back 2 @ 02:16 - A third one foot trick, man are you rollerblade haters not going to like this article...