All photos: Rachel Bock/SLVSH

The quarter finals are underway and things are looking greasy. Up next, we have the silent killer Johan Berg vs. the loccdawg Noah Albaladejo. Johan’s taps are tough and his jump game is near flawless. If he performs anything like he did in round 1, I don’t see why he couldn’t make it all the way. Noah’s ability to get low and stay low is by no means easy to emulate. As long as he continues to consistently put those big switch 50-50s down, he’s gonna have a leg up on just about everybody. Has anyone made a drinking game out of this yet? I mean it is a pregame after all. Take your pick.

In an effort to keep things fresh, we’re turning to some of skiing’s best for a few predictions.

"Noah's my pick against Johan because he's the best at hand drags on rails and I think he can survive the jumps against a jump master like Johan.” - Vincent Gagnier

"I’m really looking forward to this game both Noah and Johan are very fun to watch. They both skied very well in their last match ups. I think Johan is going to edge it out. He has very good combination of big and unique tricks and is very consistent. With that being said Noah is very talented and stylish and it would not be a shock to see him come out on top." - Alex Hackel

"Oh man, that games going to be insaneo. I gotta go with Noah on this one though. Homie runs that park, and it seems like you just can't keep up with his 5050, switch 5050 game. Plus his hand drag switch ups and lip 2 grabs, Noah is on one. So is Johan though, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see him win either." - Keegan Killbride

"Johan. This one is going to be interesting as both ski completely differently, however after watching Jonah vs Johan I'm convinced he will slide easily through this next round." - Jason Arens