All photos: Rachel Bock/Slvsh

Tomorrowís featured matchup is a clash of Canada vs. Norway. Max Moffatt and Benjamin Forthun will be going head to head as round 1 of SLVSH Cup Grandvalira quickly nears its end. The winner will face Daniel Hanka in the quarter finals, and if their skiing is any indication, it looks like itís gonna be a close one. Let us know who you think is going to take it, you're 1 for 6 by the way NS.

Max Moffatt

SLVSH Record: 2 games, 0 wins

Though he may have a losing record in SLVSH, Max Moffatt is by no means a loser when it comes to skiing. This kid has been killing it in the last couple of years, and itís only a matter of time before he takes over. The Ontario native transferred to Calgary, Max is holding it down for his Canadian roots.

Unique to SLVSH, fellow competitors are often chosen as a referee. If Max doesnít come out on top in SLVSH, after his turn at calling a game, itís good to know heís got something to fall back on. Itís difficult to guess what a skier will try, but seemingly a fan of piecing together lines, I wouldnít be surprised to see a few thrown in there. Equally as good on jumps and rails, heís gonna be a tough one to get by.

Benjamin Forthun

SLVSH Record: Newcomer

A first time SLVSH contender, and a relatively new face to the ski scene, itís time to get woke. Benjamin the type of dude to make you question whether or not youíre actually watching a ski edit. He has one of those casual styles, looking like he simply switched out his shoes for some ski boots, get ready for some smooth skiing.

To my, and most likely your, surprise the surfer of the two isnít the one with the Spicoli-esque hair. An experienced river and wave surfer, Benjamin is one of the few skiers who can actually lay claim to getting pitted. I may be biased, but I wouldnít hesitate to assume this is where he gets some of his ease of flow from. Knowing this, and having replayed a number of his tricks, the jump hip, or the white wave, might just be his area of attack.