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I'm sad to say there is now no chance of survival of our fallen friends. I've lost a good friend and an amazing inspiration. JP will leave a huge void in our lives. Peace and love to you JP

Words: Sam Turner, Photo: Orage

With the heaviest of hearts we announce the passing of freeskiing pioneer JP Auclair. Our deepest condolences go out to JP’s family and friends and to every skier whose life was shaped, influenced and expanded by him. A true legend of the sport, JP has been a driving force behind virtually every aspect of skiing; as an athlete, a designer, an innovator and an ambassador. We could not have asked for a better role model. We could not have asked for a better friend, leader or inspiration. His influence on skiing is generational and extends far beyond freeskiing’s communal walls.

It’s difficult to quantify the impact JP had on our sport. He revolutionized the way we look at skiing in the late 90s with the Salomon 1080; he was instrumental in the progression of the sport as part of the New Canadian Airforce; and he released some of the most memorable, brilliant and influential film segments with Poor Boyz and later Sherpas Cinema. For two decades JP explored skiing’s boundaries, pushed the envelope of what was possible, and showed us what it meant to be a true freeskier. Through all his accomplishments, all his efforts, all his skill and all his joy for the sport, JP forged a link between freeskiing’s core and the mainstream. We are forever indebted to you, and you will always be in our hearts. Ski in Peace, JP.

JP was a long time friend and family member of Orage. Influential to the ski industry and instrumental to the evolution of our sport. A humanitarian, an innovator, a scholar and a stand up human being. Keep your tips up friend, you'll be missed. - Orage

Today is a seriously sad day for skiing. I remember being an awkward high schooler who never got much of a chance to ski and heading to High North Ski camp in 2000 on a whim. I was not doing great, and my skills were sub par (and still are) and JP pulled me over to the rails, clipped off his skis and hiked with me until I was able to slide that flat bar. That was a defining moment in my life and shaped the person I would become. Years later when I was a freshman at college in Crested Butte JP happened to roll through town, ever the nice guy he once again took time out of his day to session a down flat rail with me while we both tried (and often failed) to learn bs switch ups. Although I only had a few brief encounters with you over the years they were formative in my life and I'll always be grateful for that. RIP JP. - Jon Hartman

My heart is broken, i dont know what to say..... sad day.... thanks for everything you've done… - Vincent Gagnier

Sad day, hoping there is a mistake somewhere. Saying goodbye to one of the greatest skiers in Freeskiing, someone I looked up to since the beginning, and a friend. RIP JP Auclair. - Ahmet Dadali

No words to describe the emotions of Jp Auclairs passing. Having flashbacks of hearing the news when it happened to Cr, Shane, Sarah, and many others. Why is it so many childhood ski idols go too soon? You will forever live as having the best backflip mute grab on this planet. Going to go watch propaganda tonight and never forget the legacy you started. Rest in Peace. - Jake Doan

I'll never forget following you around the trees of marquette, michigan way back JP. - Matt Heffernan

Chin up, celebrate jp and andreas' lives by living life to the fullest and by supporting and respecting the privacy of those closest to them. - Katrina

Sad day in freeskiing, these two legends will be missed. - Evan Heath

There are no words for this news. Rest in Peace and strength to the entire community. - Ben Wannamaker

The lives my friends lead are at sometimes dangerous. Hoping for the best. I don't know what else to say but hoping for the best here. - Erik Seo

Sous le choc total, je n'arrive pas à y croire, la planète Freeski est en deuil pour un long moment, mes pensées vont à sa famille et tous ses proches. RIP JP Putin de merde. - Kevin Rolland

So sad to see this. Someone who has shaped a large part of my life as well as most my friends. A legend in freeskiing that will live on forever through those he has influenced. - Cody Perrin

Skiing has lost another legend. Thank you for everything you've done for this sport, Jp Auclair. I wore out my copy of Poor Boyz's "Propaganda" as a kid and continued to be inspired with everything you accomplished at Armada Skis and Alpine Initiatives. A true instrument of change and inspiration for all of us. You'll be forever missed. - Dave Amirault

J'ai eu la chance de connaître, d'échanger, d'apprendre, de rire et de skier avec celui qui a littéralement inventé la plus grande passion que j'ai jamais eu, et c'est beaucoup trop tôt que cet Homme nous quitte. Mes condoléances à toute la famille. RIP JP. - Yan Bussieres

Devastated about the loss of JP and Fransson. Rest in peace. - Filip Christensen

Legends never die. Really shook up about this. - Rob Heule

Vraiment triste nouvelle aujourd'hui.... Mon idole de ski Courage à toute sa famille et amis proches. - Alex Casabon

JP Auclair was a legendary skier, a designer and one of the most talented artist that i will always remember for his great passions about beautiful things in life,Rest in peace JP ‪#‎legend‬ ‪#‎artist‬photo by armada skis. - Killian Amendola

RIP JP Auclair, such a shame to see another one of freeskiing's OG's go down. - Forster Meeks

Can't really put words to how i feel about this tragedy but my thoughts and prayers are with there family and friends. Ski in peace, legends. - Jarred Martin

One of the kindest, most talented, most-fun-having people I've ever met. Devoted to what he loved. - Jake Strassman

I'm at a loss for words RIP Jp Auclair you will be deeply missed my friend! You inspired so many with your incredible life. I can personally say I would not be who I am without you. Thank you for your wonderful presence in this world your light will shine forever! -McFee

I'm at a bar in Burlington crying if anyone cares to join. JP was a mentor, friend and guiding force throughout my entire career. We shared many long conversations about approach to life, family and skiing. In 2012, I profiled JP after his incredible All.I.Can. segment for Powder. Who gets to become friends with their childhood hero? I did. I feel like the luckiest skier in the world to have known him. My thoughts to Ingrid and the families of both JP and the incomparable Andreas Fransson. Devastating isn't quite the word. - Mike Rogge

Going silent on here to reflect on the lives we lost in the skiing world today. Celebrate their lives. Hug your friends. - Line Skis

We are deeply saddened by the news of Jp Auclair and Andreas Fransson's passing. Thanks for the years of inspiration. -

I cannot believed how sad this is... RIP Jp Auclair and Andreas Fransson Life is not fair… -JF Houle

Wow. Just throttled. I'm lucky enough to say I joined up with Jp Auclair and the rest of the New Canadian Airforce back in 1998 while shooting alongside John Decesare for MSP's Sick Sense. This was the start of it all... JP may not have been smiling when I snapped this photo, but he was one of the nicest and most genuine, creative and talented athletes imaginable. Since the moment I met him I've had nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for the guy. Goodbye, JP. You leave a huge hole in this sport and world. - Scott Gaffney

Sad news... rest in peace JP Auclair... such an inspiration to skiing… - Ryan Kirk

Absolutely heartbreaking. JP was a true role model, a visionary, an ambassador of skiing, and an earnest friend and colleague. His physical presence on this planet will be missed but his spirit will live on in bottomless powder days, environmental stewardship, and every day spent in the mountains with good company. - Steve Herrick

We are devastated to hear the passings of J.P. Auclair & Andreas Fransson. Although neither of them called this place home scores of their friends did, including us. Prayers and love from Whistler to their family and friends. - Whistler Blackcomb

Rest in peace JP and Andreas. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and the entire snow sports community today. - SIA

Que de bons souvenirs mon JP. Ride in peace. - JA Maheu

This news from Chile does not seem real. JP Auclair, you are one of skiing's true greats. And an even finer human at that. - Freedle Coty

JP Auclair '' is a place out there'', we will keep tracking you JP, where ever you go brother xx. - Marc Andre Belliveau

I truly am going to miss my good friend, idol and teacher. My thoughts are with his family and our community. Ski in peace JP. Love you forever brother. -TJ Schiller

One of a kind, one of the greats. Rest in peace JP. - Zach Berman

The world of skiing won't be the same without JP. - Geoff Balkman

To the most genuine inspirational person I've known, a true pioneer & all round legend. You will be sadly missed my friend. My thoughts and love go out to all the family, RIP my buddy. - Jason Woolf

Thank you JP. - Logan Imlach

Words don't even come close... RIP JP, one of the finest humans I've ever known. - Trennon Paynter

I died a little inside today after I heard that the mountains had taken another ski legend R.I.P Jp Auclair. - Will Stolk

Rest in peace to a true OG. Skiing wouldn't be what it is today without this dude right here. Life is short yo enjoy it while you can. - Cole Gibson

I was fortunate enough to ski a few pipe runs with JP way back when. He gave me tips I still think about today when approaching a wall. My condolences to his friends and family, s.i.p. legend. - Stefan Curtis

I don't know, maybe there isn't much else to say. RIP JP Auclair. I owe the one thing I've cared most about to you, and everything you did for skiing. We'll see you on the other side. - Sam Turner

Rest easy, JP and Andreas…its a sad day when you lose two great inspirations to the skiing community. SIP and prayers to their families. - Brennen Mohanan

JP Auclair was a truly pioneering skier and a bloody good guy. Devastating news today Rest in peace my friend. My thoughts to his and Andreas Fransson's families. It was an honour to ever point my camera at one of my heroes. - Dan Carr

Couldn't believe it when I first saw this. Hard to believe just a few months ago I was up the glacier talking with JP. These two legends of skiing will be greatly missed. - Mike Overbeck

You were easily one of the biggest influences on the sport and it wouldn't be where it is today without you. We'll miss you. Shred in peace JP! - Reid McEachran

JP has been one of the most respected in my books for a decade. Thanks for everything you did for skiing! - Sig Tveit

It's almost impossible to express in words what these two meant to skiing. Only was fortunate enough to meet JP once but he was a beacon of stoke the entire time. Ride in Peace. - Eliel Hindert

My biggest inspiration, once savior & good friend. JP, I will carry you in my heart, forever. Much love to his family & "new family member. I am crushed. RESPECT. - Maude Raymond

Sobering news out of Patagonia. Two of the most inspiring ski personalities in our community, JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson were killed in an avalanche on the north side of Monte San Lorenzo, Chile. Our hearts go out to their families. - Surface Skis

Mr. Auclair, you truly were the inspiration of a generation. You changed everything about my life that first time I saw a backflip Mute in an old poorboyz movie. More than any other figure, you were someone that made me into the man I am today. You were a great person, a great friend and a great role model for skiers throughout the generations. You will be dearly missed. - Doug Bishop

Seems so surreal. Been sitting here trying to type something for like 30 minutes. Guess I've had this feeling on NS 3 times now. JP just seemed too good to go out early. Tim Durtschi wrote something a couple years ago about some words of wisdom that JP had given him about taking care of his body and skiing wisely to be able to ski late into his years. Seemed like he really understood the longevity game. Never would have expected this. I was lucky enough to do a little work with Alpine Initiatives at its start, and JP was so cool, so down to earth - not like what I'd expect from someone who wrote the early chapters of freeskiing and was still signing his name in it 20 years later. What a bummer. What a bummer. - Holte

You were a legend and inspiration to me! You will be missed my friend. RIP JP Auclair. - Craig Coker

Saddened beyond measure – Another one of the original greats gone too soon. All my love to JP's friends and family. - Jen Crichton

Saddened by the loss of JP Auclair. From summer urban set ups to deep powder, he influenced the way I have lived since I started skiing. I never met JP, but recently came across this short and was lucky enough to experience the things he enjoyed about Japan. We were driving to Niseko and looked up off the road. "That's that JP pillow zone" we all agreed. So we went and did as JP did. RIP. - John Ware

The snow community has lost three influential members to avalanches in one day Jp Auclair, Andreas Fransson, and Liz Daley. I know none of these people personally, but they have all had influences on my life and so many others. I am not posting this to be the bearer of bad news. I would just like to take a second to ponder the reality of a life spent in the mountains. And I would like people to consider the inherit dangers that occur every time you set foot in the backcountry. We don't control the mountains and we never will. I hope everyone who enters the backcountry this year will do it with an air of caution, and take all the necessary steps to mitigate risks. I realize that they probably took every precaution necessary, but the mountains can be a fickle, unpredictable beast. Shred in peace. Thank you for making such a positive impact in the snow community, you all will be missed. - Jasper Gibson

JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson, two of the most passionate skiers and mountaineers I knew were tragically killed while climbing to ski in Chile yesterday. JP and Andreas were always smiling, so humble and generous. I am thankful I got to know them and share some great times in the mountains. My thoughts go to their families and friends. - Mattias Fredriksson

I don't come from a skiing background so the first time I met JP I had no idea of his prowess and influence on generations of the sport. All I can say is that he is one of the most delightful chaps I've ever had the chance to meet. Deepest condolences. - Callum Jelley

True heroes never die. This man influenced my career, my hobbies, and my personal sense of style. Someone I've looked up to since I knew what looking up to people was. Up 1.2 made me want to work around skiing for the rest of my life. Thank you JP Auclair your spirit will live on forever. - Brand Lan

We lost another absolute legend in skiing today. JP was one of the first skiers I met when I started skiing. I was always really intimidated by him because he was just so fricken cool and awesome. It was always so much fun to watch him ski. RIP my friend. - Keri Herman

Legends never die. Rip JP. - Bene Mayr

When I was a young buck, my dad took me to a ski movie premier in Ketchum. The movie was MSP's "Sick Sense" and it changed my life. The New Canadian Airforce was introduced in that film, and that was the first time I saw skiers doing new, stylish tricks with grabs. Today I am saddened to hear of the loss of JP Auclair. He was one of my first ski heroes and a heavy influence on the world of skiing over the years. Thanks for the inspiration JP. - Collin Collins

Truly a sad day! It's hard to make sense of these tragic loses. I'm bet the press will talk about how sponsors drive athletes to take huge risks. If these guys were still with us they would tell us that the sponsors simply provide them with the support to chase their dreams. Drivin by passion and a true love for the mountains, the desire to live a life fulfilled and enriched by being out there and exposed to the risks. The raw beauty and the sense of adventure is what inspired them. These are some of the many reasons why they took the risk and not the sponsors. To the rest of us who they inspired, their spirits will live on in our hearts forever. Learn from this so that maybe we can avoid the same fate. Stay humble in life and never forget how fragile you are. Also never forget that one day we will all end up in the same place so live life to its fullest and never take any moment for granted. Andreas and JP were and always will be true legends, never forget! To the family's and loved ones, you have my deepest condolences, my heart goes out to you all. RIP… - Ian McIntosh

Oh man this is too sad... another absolute legend of the sport taken away from us too early... While I was a camper at High North he introduced me to the kendama ( which provided countless hours of entertainment for me and headaches for my teachers early on in highschool ), he helped us make the best of a crappy weather day by taking us on an awesome pondskim search down the frontside of 7th in the summer time, and blew me away with the sickest double backie out of the quarter pipe.. Ski in peace JP, thanks for pioneering freeskiing and being an inspiration to many. - Jamie Barrl

It's been said that creativity is more than just being different... its making the wild lines and rugged mountains look awesomely simple -- that's creativity. SIP JP. You're a freeskiing original, and your creativity will always inspire. - High Five Foundation

Beaucoup de peine... Mes sympathies à ta famille. J'espère ne jamais vivre ça comme parent mais au moins tu es mort en faisant ce que tu aimes... Beaucoup de respect pour le skieur mais encore plus pour l'être humain dédié et extrêmement profond et vrai. Le ski a changé grâce à toi. Tu m'as toujours impressionné... RIP JP my kids know´s about you... Legend! - Phil Dion

JP Lighting up the sky. So grateful that I was able to shoot a few photos of him this past summer. He has always been a glowing force in the mountains. Sending the biggest love to his family. - Zoya Lynch

Jp Auclair was not only a freeski trailblaizer and influencer but he was a amazing human being. I am not much of a skier (Jp was there the first time I skied and had the kindest words about my sketchyness, rememberDanny Laroche) but have been DJing ski events for years ( iF3 International Freeski Film Festival in particular, run by another amazing individual Felix Rioux ) . In all the times I have been lucky enough to be in his presence he was the nicest, chillest, humblestperson who seemed genuinely happy to be there and talking to a random DJ (or whomever else he had the chance to spend time with). My heart goes out to all who he's touched far and wide and more so to the people closest to him where the void is the greatest. If anything we can take from this is to be a bit more present, listen a bit more, to care a bit more. Be more like Jp. The world could use more of that Jp Auclair vibe. Rest in peace. - John Lee

Totally gutted to hear of the loss of 3 skiers in South America. Jp Auclair was a hero of mine. Not just because of his awe-inspiring skiing. But because of who he was as a person. His smile, soulful and sparkling eyes, always brimming with creativity, had a way of disarming anyone. He was an exception from the beginning in our world. He always played the game on his terms. And if he didn't like the game - he didn't play at all. Some of my favorite memories of him were of this trip to Japan with the Orage team (2006). This is how I will always remember him. Smiling and exploring. His Kondama skills were epic. And he beat me easily at every little Japanese puzzle we picked up. He was the best to travel with. Added so much to everything on and off the hill. Always respectful of the culture we were in. Always curious and engaging to the locals. RIP my friend. Keep smiling. Keep exploring. My heart goes out to all the skiers and their families tonight. - Chris Jerard

Words can't describe the feeling I have........2 of the best to ever do it and help pave the beautiful path for what we do are now gone. Thank you JP for everything you did. You never lost an ounce of passion through your journey and I have learned a lot about becoming a better person through yourself as you were one of the best dudes I know. Andreas thank your for scaling the mountains you did full throttle and taking mountaineering to the next level. Wish I got the chance to shred Cham with you two but I know the first time I go you will be there in spirit. Much love to the whole ski community and my thoughts are with all friends and family. RIP. - Tanner Hall

The mountain just took away an other amazing skier and person. You will be missed JP. May you R.I.P. - Anais Caradeux

I was lucky to experience the positive energy that Andreas Fransson brought to everything he did. He was a doer, a philosopher and an adventurer of a different kind. On one of our last day's in Iceland last year he dragged me out to a hot dog stand on the streets of Reykjavik. He didn't eat meat and I hate hot dogs, but he insisted we go because "It's in the guidebook for Reykjavik. Everyone goes there. It's been there 70 years. We have to." So we go and get so lost in the harbour area that a woman who runs whale tours takes pity on us and drives us to the hot-dog stand. We wait in the requisite line and eat these disgusting wieners slathered in mystery condiments and the whole time I'm waiting to see if Andreas will even be able to choke it down. But… three bites and it's gone and he declares "That was AWESOME!" See you my friend. - Les Anthony

Eight years ago I watched a movie that redefined my life. After 6 years of skiing within the lines of the race course it was because of this man and many others I was able to see outside the box. Thanks for blazing the path for many others and leaving behind something much greater. RIP JP. - Colton Wright

I looked up to JP ever since I was a young kid, he had a heavy hand in originating the sport that has taken over our lives. I was ecstatic when I found out id be going on this ski trip to turkey with JP and kickin it out there with him was a highlight in my life. The laughs, sights, and skiing we shared will always be remembered. RIP JP Auclair. - Ahmet Dadali

I can't believe how sad this is like everyone who had the chance to know him. JP, I will always remember you as the best attitude an human being can have. From the days I met you while challenging my friends the 3 Phil's on twin skis, untill the last time I saw you in Chamonix's parking lot, you've always been a true, authentic, humble person who cared about others. You will be missed. Legends never die! - Guillaume Brochu

I dont even kno what to say, skiing brings so many of us together, its fucked when it takes people away from us .... My condolences to the families of jp and andreas, I really don't know how much more the ski community can take, its breaking my heart. - John Spriggs

One by one the legends are gone. When will it stop? When the mountains are no longer steep, and the unknown no longer compelling. RIP Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair. - Ethan Stone

I grew up watching JP's ski segments over and over again on VHS. The first time I had the opportunity to ski with him, and learn from someone I admired so much, was at High North Ski Camp. JP taught me that skiing in your jeans and a rugby shirt was the cool thing to do, not taking skiing too seriously, and goofing around with your friends. Years later, i had the pleasure of picking JP up at the Calgary airport for the Freshtival. I was nervous he'd have no recollection of me, but we got to chatting, and it turned out he remembered Benjamin, Sandy, and myself as campers, and had watched my internet videos. We talked about skiing the entire ride to his hotel, and discussed our thoughts on what needed to happen for positive change in the sport. He was very modest about the video project he'd been working on from that season, but thought I'd enjoy it. Going into the Sherpas Cinema premier that evening, I was only expecting to be mildly entertained, and was looking forward to the movies that focused more on park and street skiing... Was I ever wrong. When JP's street segment came on, Joel Jah Raven and I started to howl, and by the end the entire theatre were on their feet, hooting and hollering, giving praise to JP for his gift to skiing. At 35 years old, he'd set the bar once again. Merci JP, UP1 what! - Rob Heule

Enjoy life everyday you never know what can happen, RIP to two people who helped shape our sport. RIP JP Auclair & Andreas Fransson. - Lupe Hagearty

Such a sad day for the ski community and the entire world. Not only did we lose a hero to everyone in skiing, but one great human being. Just like so many out there, JP was someone I looked up to since day 1. His segments in degenerates, the game, 13, propaganda and so many more made me want to do what I do today. I had the pleasure of meeting him and crossing paths just a few times, and holy was I star struck each and every time. He was such a genuine, kind hearted person. I, along with everyone else that you had influenced so much will never forget you and we will forever ski with you in our hearts. Rest in peace JP and thank you for everything. You did so much for me that you couldn't even imagine. - Chris Logan

I never know what to say when someone important passes, but the words in this journal entry put those thought into perspective. It's good to say a few words for the deceased, but it's even better to take action. I've never been the best at communicating and for that reason I do my best to compensate with those actions. They speak louder than words, in my eyes. That's how I try to make a difference in this world, but it has to start somewhere. My heart does go out to the three that passed and all their family and friends. Hope their philosophies about life don't leave us too soon as well and we are all able to gain important life lessons from them. - Vasu Sojitra

When one of the original pioneers of freeskiing dies it's both sad and terrifying. Someone who has literally shaped our sport from it's very beginning has died doing what he was an expert at. JP Auclair was one of only 2 or 3 skiers who truly led me to fall in love with skiing. Rip to one of the founding fathers of freeskiing, and one of the single most influential people in my life. Rip JP Auclair. - Steve Stepp

give thanks for life, hold the ones you love, and never forget who showed us the way... our ski family lost two wonderful people and it never gets easy!! i had the pleasure to judge JP at the playstreets and got the chance to tell him what his segy in degenerates meant to me... he just smiled in his shy way and asked if he was good enough to compete with the young guns. my answer... you are the reason why those young guns are even here. RESPECT!!! you will always be remembered... SIP!! - Skye Darden

JP was more than a professional skier. He was an unbelievable human being! It seems like it was yesterday that he and I entered the first ever US Open in 1997, where we cleaned up at the big air and slopestyle competitions. That's where everything started. JP was by far the most meticulous, calculated perfectionist and creative person I have met in my life. Even if extreme skiing is a dangerous sport, I always felt like he was untouchable. He was the best at pushing the limits with his creativity and his talent! | JP était beaucoup plus qu’un skieur professionnel. Il était une personne incroyable! Il me semble que c’était seulement hier que nous nous sommes inscrits au tout premier U.S. Open en 1997, où nous avons raflé la mise aux compétitions de Slopestyle et Big Air. C’est là où le tout commença. JP était de loin le perfectionniste le plus délibéré et la personne la plus méticuleuse et créatif que j’aie jamais rencontré. Même si le ski extrême était un sport dangereux, il me semblait toujours invincible. C’est lui qui repoussait les limites le mieux, avec sa créativité et son talent! - JF Cusson

So sad to hear about the passing of JP and Andreas. Didn't know Andreas much but really looked up to what he was achieving in Chamonix and the world, it was just a level above. I met JP in 1998 in Sweden where we did the first ever ski halfpipe contest together. He was a pioneer of Freestyle skiing. He revolutionized the sport and made it what it is today. My thought are with his family and friends. RIP ‪#‎TrueLegends‬. - Candide Thovex

Thank you JP for everything you've done in this world and to free skiing. I slipped away from work to indulge in this inspirational read, capturing the heart & spirit of a skier. RIP JP Auclair, Andreas Fransson and the countless others who have risked their lives to pave the way of free skiing. - Joey van der Meer

In loss for words right now, yesterday we lost one of Freeskiing biggest legends, pioneers, and innovators. Not only was JP one of the greatest to live on hill, but off hill as well. This picture was from 2 years ago when I met and was fortunate enough to go on a trip to turkey with JP, it was one of the best trips of my life being able to ski with the guy who I looked up to my whole life and influenced me to be where I am today in skiing. You will never be forgotten, RIP JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson. Sending love to your family & friends. - Torin Yater-Wallace

Merci JP de m'avoir donné la chance de vivre de ma passion. Tu as cru en nous (3 phils) dès le départ et nous a aidé à atteindre nos rêves plus rapidement. Je vais toujours me rappeler de cette journée au Relais après le championnat canadien quand nous avons skié ensemble pour la première fois et que j'ai vu live ce fameux back Flip mute grad. Tu as vécu de ton rêve et ta passion jusqu'au dernier souffle qui fut malheureusement trop tôt. Ton sourire, ta gentillesse et ton petit air mystérieux seront gravé dans ma mémoire. Je vais tout faire en mon pourvoir pour honorer ton nom et notre passion: le ski! Mes sincères sympathies à toute la famille et proches. RIP. - Phil Belanger

Still can't believe it. Rest In Peace JP. Thank you for all the inspiration and all great things you brought to this world! #rip. - Henrik Harlaut

JP a marqué le sport par sa créativité et par son grand talent, mais surtout par l'homme, par l'humain qu'il était, d'une grande prestance. Toutes ces qualités ont fait de lui une légende. - Thomas Rinfredt

Memories. I cherished every day I got to spend with him, smile plastered on my face. After going through archived e-mails, I've found myself surrounded by nostalgia, laughing uncontrollably inside. Thank you for all the amazing times. - TJ Schiller

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for the snowsports community. My heart-felt condolensces go to the families and loved ones of JP Auclair, Andreas Fransson, and Liz Daley. I’ve read so many beautiful, thoughtful, heart-wrenching words about each of these inspirational people over the past 24 hours. I love these words from writer, Mike Rogge: “When does it stop? The answer is never. We never stop. We love. We lose. I love the mountain family. I miss my friends.” - Roz G

A teacher. An inspiration. A friend. A legend. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. - Sean Pettit

Orage sent us to Retallack for a week after a 2nd place finish at the Orage Masters. When we arrived we met up with JP and others. I'll never forget the night we initiated an all out roman candle war. JP, in typical fashion, exhibited his characteristic bravery even in the midst of our battle. His influence on us and our sport will never burn out. - Matt Sterbenz

I've been finding it hard to find the words... A thousand stories. A thousand photos. Laughter. Wisdom. Tears... Life. @auclairjp and @andreasfransson99 are two of the most beautiful people I've ever known. I'm certain I'm a better person because of them, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you both. - Mike Douglas



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JP Auclair talks about the first Salomon 1080

JP and Andreas in Chamonix