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The Newschoolers 2017 - 2018 Gear Guide


AAAttack Series

For all-round and park skiers: The AAAttack range features a brand new FR2 toe-piece, which looks to be a burlier reworking of previous iterations. "They went grip walk rather then wtr on most of the attack bindings. The update is to the toe piece mainly. It's more robust then before but maintains the good low stack height of the previous. Grip walk is good as unlike wtr it does not require the toe height to be adjusted. Instead it uses a sloped afd so without adjusting it can accept alpine or gripwalk soles. You will also see it on market bindings this season. A few brands including Dalbello and k2 are offering grip walk soles for their boots moving forward."- Tom Pietrowski

AAAttack 18(Race Pro Heel), AAAttack 16 (Race Pro Heel), AAAttack 14 AT (which features greater toe height adjustability for AT boots), AAAttack 13 (Race Heel), AAAttack 12, AAAttack 11, AAAttack 13 AT Demo, AAAttack 11 AT Demo


The Touring Binding

Easily adjustable, 4 brake sizes to choose from (85mm, 95mm, 105mm, 125mm), optional crampons are available


The Perfect Do-It-All

For ripping the mountain and tours