Felix Rioux of D-Structure was there to sneak a peak at all the new goods, and was nice enough to take pictures for us.


Salomon is coming back with the 1080 but this time it’s only available in one graphic style. It has an eagle/bird wing sketch on it. The Pocket Rocket also has a redesign that makes it way more interesting. The 720 is back as well with a camo style design.

There has been long talk about the new CR and Candide pro models but unfortunatly they weren’t at the show for everyone to see. I still managed to get some images.


Level has some cool new gloves :


The Public Enemy, Seth Pistol, and Fugative are going to change next year as the skis that you’ve seen out right now are actually next year’s. The only new addition is the Made’n AK, a wider twin tip back country ski. Specs : 179cm, 189cm 137/108/127

Siver Cartel

Mike Nick was super stoked to see the industry’s reaction to his new line of outerwear. The TEN4 model made a lot of news with it’s front pocket concept where you can put your CDs, CD player and a bunch of other stuff. Siver is also coming out with the CPU pack that has a special compartement for your laptop.


Matt Sterbenz was at the show to present his new MSP and STL (Steel Spence) models. The STL will be available in 147/167/177/183cm.


My biggest surprise about SIA was the Line booth and new models. They litteraly rocked the place. Jay has redifined the direction and style of the company into a way more core and aggressive image. A prototype of the Prophet was available for everyone to see.

Models : Pollard, Skogen, Micke Nick, Assasin series (MTX Pro, MTX), Mothership Titanium and Flite,Chronic and Mini Chronic and Twelve Sixty.


The Bad Lieutenant got a make over.


Armada has new designs and sizes of the AR5 and ARV. The new addition is the double pro model; the JP Auclair/Julien R. Laforge 191cm backountry ski. The tail is actually higher than the front for fakie landings in powder.


A new brand dedicated to freeskiing, manufactured by Gordini is releasing for the second year the Jon Olson Pipe glove.


Orage introduced the Masters Series, named after the Orage Masters events. This is their high end freeski/jib oriented line. They even made a one piece suit to JP Auclair’s demand. One that caugh my attention was the plywood style print. Coalsition, which owns Orage, also developed a junior brand of clothing called Laikus. Both Spencer Franks and Phil Casabon ride for them.